Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Update:

9 September 2020

As the impact of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues around the globe and in line with current travel advice and restrictions, we’ve have decided to suspend all our tours globally, until 31 December 2020.   


The safety and well-being of our travellers is our focus, so while our trips are on hold for now, as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to do so, we’ll be back exploring the road less travelled with you.


For customers who are booked on a tour that has been suspended:

You will automatically receive a Travel Credit for your booking. If you have paid more than the required deposit amount, you’ll get a Travel Credit for the full amount paid by you, plus an additional $300(AUD)* of Travel Credit per person. If you have paid only the required deposit amount, you’ll get a Travel Credit for the full deposit amount you paid.


You can choose to use your Travel Credit to book a tour that’s on sale now or hold onto your Travel Credit and wait until you’re ready to decide where to go. There’s no rush. Your Travel Credit is redeemable for travel on a tour that starts on or before 31 December 2021.


Once you have made a booking using your Travel Credit, our standard Booking Terms & Conditions will apply to that booking. 


Our Customer Service teams are working around the clock to contact all customers affected by tour suspensions, as soon as possible in date order. However, with a reduced workforce and increased workloads caused by the disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing delays. We appreciate your patience during this difficult time. We’ll be in touch with you directly or via your travel agent as soon as possible.


Our focus on you

We understand that you’ll have some nervousness and concern when travelling in the future and naturally you want to know what we’re doing to help. While we work through the detail on the changes we’ll be introducing, we want you to find comfort in the fact that we are committed to focusing on you and your wellbeing. Click here to read what we’re going to do to help protect your health while travelling the roads less travelled with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am booked to travel from 1 January 2021, is my tour still running?

Please note that at present, all tours from 1 January 2021 are scheduled to depart as planned. If you’re worried about your tour, our advice is to wait until closer to the departure date before making your decision. However, we understand that you may be concerned about travelling at the moment, so if you choose to postpone, here are your options:


If you choose to cancel your tour:

  • If you have paid more than the required deposit amount - you’ll get a Travel Credit for the full amount paid by you, plus an additional $300(AUD)* of Travel Credit per person. This is redeemable for travel on a tour that starts on or before 31 December 2021.
  • If you have paid only the required deposit amount - you’ll get a Travel Credit for the full deposit amount paid by you. This is redeemable for travel that will happen before 31 December 2021.


If my tour is suspended, how will I know?  

Our customer service teams are working around the clock to contact all affected customers as quickly as they can. We’re focussing on contacting customers with closer departure dates as a priority. Please be assured you will be contacted as soon as possible. 


If you booked through a travel agent, we’ll contact them about your booking and to issue your Travel Credit. You can speak to your travel agent or contact us directly. 


Why are you offering Travel Credits?

By offering Travel Credits, we’re behaving responsibly and in the long-term interests of all of our customers, suppliers and employees around the globe.


To date, the vast majority of our customers have opted to take a Travel Credit and are looking forward to travelling with us as soon as that is possible. By accepting a Travel Credit you’re helping ensure that our staff and suppliers are able to offer you the best experience possible once restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to explore the world again.


How do I make a booking with my Travel Credit?  
When you’re ready to book simply call our Customer service team, they’ll be happy to assist you in booking onto a new tour. If your chosen tour is less than your Travel Credit, the remainder will be issued as new Travel Credit. If your chosen tour is more than your Travel Credit amount you can pay the rest over the phone. 


What if I can’t use my Travel Credit in time?

The Travel Credit has been set up to allow you to take a tour with us in the future and is in line with tour operator industry standards. It is important to know that we’re not withholding your money. The Travel Credit that’s been provided to you will allow you to continue to travel as you had planned once conditions are back to normal. 


The Travel Credit Voucher you have been issued is valid for travel until 31 December 2021. This means you can redeem your Voucher on a new tour, to a new destination for a new departure date before the 31 December 2021. If the Travel Credit remains unused at the end of its validity, we will gladly offer a cash refund for the original amount paid to us, on request. Just contact us when the Travel Credit Voucher is close to expiry.


What if a Travel Credit does not suit my personal situation?

The majority of our customers have been happy to receive a Travel Credit and plan to go on their tour at a later date. However, we understand that in these uncertain times, a Travel Credit may not suit your personal situation. If this is the case, please email your details to [email protected] and we’ll review your case in line with our Booking Terms & Conditions that applied at time of your booking.


Do the Booking Terms and Conditions that were applicable when I booked still apply?

Yes, the Booking Terms & Conditions that were applicable when you made your original booking still apply. In addition to the cancellation options available to you under those Booking Terms & Conditions we are also offering - in accordance with these terms – an additional AU$300 of Travel Credit per person if you have paid for the booking in full, to use when booking your new tour.  


What measures will you take to keep me safe while travelling?

We understand the uncertainty that comes with travelling in the future. Rest assured, we are taking this matter very seriously. To read more about how we are going travel post-COVID, visit here:


Further Terms and Conditions

We may update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we do, we will post the amended terms on Terms & Conditions webpage, applications, or services, which will take effect from that time.  Acceptance of any Travel Credit after any amendment will constitute agreement to the then-current form of these terms


*Offer valid until further notice. Offer may be withdrawn at any time and other restrictions may apply