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COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Your COVID-19 vaccination status

blueroads covid 19 vaccine policy explainer

In place for your safety

Nothing is more important to us than our guests’ wellbeing. That’s why we’ve introduced our COVID-19 Vaccine Policy*. From now on, we require you to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to travel with us; the only exception to this is if you are medically exempt from having the vaccine.

Please read on to learn more about how this policy will affect you depending on your vaccination status.

Your COVID-19 vaccination status

fully vaccinated or soon to be for your blueroads trip

You are fully vaccinated (or soon will be)

Medical exemptions for blueroads trips

You are medically exempt

blueroads you are not vaccinated

You are not vaccinated

Policies for peace of mind

book with confidence with blueroads touring

Book with confidence

Book your tour and relax knowing you’re covered under our Extended Flexibility Policy and COVID-19 Assurance Policy. T&Cs apply.
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Rest assured that our small group tours are run hygienically, responsibly and with your safety at the forefront – always.
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standard terms and conditions for blueroads

Standard T&Cs for travel

Please review our standard booking terms and conditions for travel, which now include our COVID-19 Vaccine Policy.
Standard T&Cs for travel


Why is your COVID-19 Vaccine Policy in place?

As we look to travel in the wake of COVID-19, our number one priority is the wellbeing of our guests, employees, and the communities we visit.  

When we asked about your confidence to travel, there was overwhelming support for the introduction of a vaccination policy. In response, we now require all our guests to be fully vaccinated in order to travel with us. The only exception to this is if you are medically exempt from having the vaccine. 

When does your COVID-19 Vaccine Policy begin?

Our COVID-19 Vaccine Policy is in place for all Blue-Roads tours departing from 27 October 2021 onwards. 

What documentation should I bring on my tour?

Alongside the usual travel documents (such as your passport and any necessary visas) you will also need to bring a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record with you. This may be electronic or printed, but we recommend you bring both in the event of low phone battery. Your vaccination record should show your name (as per your passport) and the date of your last required vaccine dose – which must be at least 14 days before your tour departs. 

If you are medically exempt, you will need to bring an electronic and/or printed copy of an official government exemption or a doctor’s letter stating that you have been advised against the vaccine. You must also email us this document at least 14 days before your tour departs. 

Will I need to take a PCR test?

If you are fully vaccinated, you won't need to take a PCR test before traveling with us. If you are medically exempt, you will need to provide evidence of a negative PCR test result three days before departure. However, please bear in mind some countries and airlines will require you to take a PCR test as a condition of travel, so you will need to keep up to date with these regulations. 

Which vaccines do you accept?

We accept all vaccines recognized by your home country. However, please check the requirements of the countries you are entering as they may differ. 

When should I show proof of vaccination?

You will be required to show proof of your vaccination status on the day of your tour’s departure, just before you board the mini-coach. However, you must acknowledge and agree to our booking terms and conditions when you book your Blue-Roads tour. These state that you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days before your tour departs. Failure to agree to these terms will unfortunately mean you cannot travel with Blue-Roads Touring. 

How do I know if I’m medically exempt?

If you believe there’s a medical reason which means you cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19, please discuss this with your doctor. 

Will border crossings be impacted?

Travel looks different since COVID-19, and the situation is always changing. That’s why our experienced Tour Leaders and Operations team have prepared for a range of circumstances. Please ensure you bring all required documentation with you on your tour – including your passport, vaccination record and PCR test result (if necessary). This will help speed up the process at border control, though you should still be prepared for things to take a little longer due to new COVID-19 protocols.

When will I hear from you if I’ve already booked?

We are currently in the process of contacting all customers with existing bookings, so please be assured that you will hear from us shortly. If you booked your tour through a travel agent we will contact them about your booking, so please get in touch with them directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions
Please note: our COVID-19 Vaccine Policy is part of our standard booking terms and conditions. See our full T&Cs here

*COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Terms & Conditions
The following is an important condition to your participation on the tour: You must be fully vaccinated to travel on Blue-Roads tours, unless you are exempt. You must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination status to your Tour Leader at the point of tour departure. Proof of your vaccination status must include your name (matching your passport) and the date on which your final vaccine was administered (which must be at least 14 days prior to your date of departure). 

You will be exempt from the requirement to provide proof of your vaccination status if you have a medical reason which means you cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19. You must provide us with proof of your medical exemption by email no later than 14 days prior to your date of departure. Your email must attach a copy of an official government exemption or, alternatively, a letter from a doctor stating that you have been advised against you being administered a COVID-19 vaccine on medical grounds. 

In addition, if you are claiming an exemption, you must take a PCR COVID-19 test within three days prior to departure and receive a negative result. The results of your PCR test must also be emailed to us prior to your date of departure. There is no requirement to send us any PCR test results if you are fully vaccinated (although please note some countries may require this on entry/exit). 

You will be refused entry on the tour and full cancellation fees will be applied if: (i) you cannot show proof of your full vaccination status at the point of tour departure; or (ii) you do not email us proof of your exempt status and negative PCR results within the timeframes specified above. 

COVID-19: Important information
We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with airline and government requirements around passenger safety and COVID-19, including the need to produce evidence meeting airline and border control requirements in relation to a negative COVID-19 test both for transit and final destination passengers. This information is subject to change without notice so we recommend you update yourself in relation to the relevant airline and government policies for your transit and final destination at each of (i) the time of booking, (ii) as you approach your travel date, and (iii) immediately before travel. 

Airlines, hotels and other travel service providers will need to comply with national and/or local guidance and requirements relating to COVID-19 and will have implemented certain measures as a result. This will likely include specific requirements regarding personal protective equipment, such as use of face-masks by customers and staff, social distancing, maximum number restrictions on the use of certain facilities, designated alternative entrance and exit routes, mandatory hand sanitization, limited entertainment options and limited food/drink availability. We do not expect these measures to have a significant impact on your enjoyment of the tour and all measures will be taken with the purpose of securing your safety and those around you. 

Local regulations may require you to provide a negative test result for COVID-19, temperature checks and/or a self-declaration of health prior to departing and at certain venues on your tour. Any travelers displaying symptoms of illness may require a negative COVID-19 test and/or doctor’s clearance before continuing the itinerary. If you show symptoms of COVID-19 and are either unable or unwilling to be tested, Blue-Roads Touring may remove you from the tour to prevent any risk to others. Whilst on the tour, customers may also be required to wear a mask when necessary.