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Things to do in Denmark


Explore the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

One of the world’s leading modern art galleries showcasing 6 to 10 carefully curated exhibitions each year and home to an exquisite collection of more than 3,500 permanent pieces, the Louisiana Musuem of Art is an absolute must-see for any art-lover. Located just 25 miles north of the city of Copenhagen and boasting an amazing position on the shore of Øresund Sound, the gallery lures visitors with the promise of unique works and stunning views.

TOUR: Northern Lights: A Lapland Winter

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Admire Copenhagen’s magnificent Cathedral

The Church of our Lady, Copenhagen’s imposing Cathedral, in its current form is built in a traditional Neo-Classical style and was completed in 1829, although a church has stood on this site since as early as the year 1200. Over the years, it has borne witness to many important historical events and played hosted to several significant occasions, including royal weddings.

TOUR: Northern Lights: A Lapland Winter

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Discover Denmark’s Viking Ship Museum

Delve into the history of the Vikings, some of history's most infamous characters, at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. Learn about their unique traditions and cultural practices, view carefully preserved Nordic wooden ships that date back to around 1070 and hear tales of war, sea-voyages pillaging and plundering from this remarkable period in Denmark’s history.

TOUR: Northern Lights: A Lapland Winter

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