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A Scandinavian Journey

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Best Things to do in Sweden


Admire Lund Cathedral

Attracting over 700,000 visitors and more than 85,000 worshippers each year, Skåne’s impressive Lund Cathedral is not only one of the region’s most popular attractions but also one of its best-loved buildings, and it’s not hard to see why. Admire it’s imposing stone exterior, crane your neck upwards to take in the soaring 55-meter-tall tower or step inside and experience the tranquility of the cool, echoing interiors.

TOUR: A Scandinavian Journey

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Cruise down the Göta Canal

This gently winding canal connects the enormous Lake Vänern in the north to Lake Vättern in the south, etching its way across the gorgeous Swedish countryside for over 120 miles. Take to the water on a canal cruise or make your way along the banks on foot or on two wheels with a cycling tour. Either way, the heart-stealing views and villages of the Göta Canal are bound to capture your imagination.

TOUR: A Scandinavian Journey

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Visit Sweden’s Volvo Museum

An iconic Swedish export right up there along with the likes of IKEA, ABBA and meatballs – Volvo is more than a car manufacturer, it’s an institution in Sweden. Pay a visit to the famous Volvo Museum in Gothenburg and learn more about this history of one of the world’s most instantly recognisable brands: from early product development to futuristic designs.

TOUR: A Scandinavian Journey

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