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8 Days

Highlights of the Baltics

Vilnius/St Petersburg
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Things to Do in Lithuania


Bask in the Baroque Beauty of Vilnius

Boasting the largest collection of baroque buildings, Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, is home to 65 churches and an Old Town designated as a World Heritage Site. You’ll spend the day exploring the city’s many treasures, including the Palace of the Grand Dukes and the Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania.

TOUR: Highlights of the Baltics

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All about Amber

The Baltic Sea Coast has been prized for its amber for centuries, dating back to prehistoric times. Learn all about Lithuania’s role in the amber trade at the Palanga Amber Museum, a branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum, where you’ll see one of the largest pieces of amber in Europe and marvel at amber jewelry from the past four centuries.

TOUR: Highlights of the Baltics

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